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Subject Matter Expert. Speaker. Consultant.


Engaging Patient Strategy


Leslie is a national leader in health information technology (HIT) advocacy for patients. Leslie promotes the use of technology standards, quality measurement, and information exchange with a specific emphasis on patient participation and engagement. Her subject matter expertise informs Direct Trust, CareQuality, HHS, National Quality Forum, Brookings Institution, PEW Research, and other organizations involved in policy formation and technology empowerment. Leslie brings the patient to the forefront of any project or policy.

Consulting Executive
Vice President (Consulting)

Health System Integration
LifeWIRE (Current

Leslie is responsible for product and operational innovation to promote patient engagement and improve the provider/patient relationship through technology and communication. Through Leslie’s leadership and knowledge of healthcare administration and standards, she consults to bring health system, provider, payer, and patients together to co-produce health and to reduce costs.

Consulting Executive, Policy
Senior Vice President Policy

Responsible for influencing policy for patient engagement, shared decision making, and standards in health reform at the national level, Leslie led a balanced approach in patient engagement healthcare policy as evidenced in changes in health reform rules and regulations where she and other patient champions advised government and nonprofits both formally and informally on shared decision making, patient engagement, and patient access to records. Health Information Technology is front and center in the Advancing Care Information Program, and Leslie’s service on the Health Information Technology Standards Committee, Consumer Task Force, and Interoperable Standards Advisory put the patient at the center of care.

Director, Healthcare Technology
Consulting Practice

Leslie developed a Health Information Technology consulting practice within HDR, serving hospitals and health systems internationally. The consulting practice focused on board-level strategic planning and engagements. Leslie hired the team and provided sales support  direct consulting. She was awarded a provisional patent for interoperability in HVAC and OR systems to reduce energy use in hospital operating rooms  by 20% and created a multimillion-dollar new business for HDR.

Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

Responsible for all health information technology, marketing, and sales, and the support services staff of 220, Leslie led efforts to implement electronic health records, to integrate and interoperate 56 separate systems across 7 Idaho healthcare organizations to support Idaho’s first physician web portal serving physicians throughout the state. Leslie envisioned and created Idaho’s first patient portal, providing patients access to their records with 12 years of medical records, including notes available to patients at its inception. Today, Idaho patients have over 25 years of medical history at their fingertips.

Vice President Marketing & Communication
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

Responsible for the rebuilding of the marketing department and its brand strategy, Leslie accomplished the replacement and reorganization of leadership and staff as well as the introduction of creative relationships. She built a new marketing campaign and redesigned the sales department. The resulting sales effort created deliberate and distinctly different strategies to engage physicians, employers, and patients with positive, tangible results in each area including increased referrals, surgeries, imaging care, and, most importantly, patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Board of Directors, MedAllies
Board of Directors,
Advisory Committee, CareQuality
Board of Directors, Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
Admissions and Readmission Committee, National Quality Forum
Technologies to Enhance Person, Family & Community Activation, National Academy of Medicine

Board of Trustees, Healthwise
Board of Advisors, Treasure Valley Labs
Board of Advisors, Intermountain Medical Imaging
Board of Trustees, United Way Idaho


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